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Download our tenancy agreement app


Tenant Find has launched an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement app for private landlords who want to create short term tenancy agreements in less time and in a hassle free manner.


Using the latest technology, this is the modern take on tenancy agreement whereby you can sign the legally binding tenancy agreement using the App on any phone or tablet.




Often times rentals are overlooked in the way of marketing properties, but that's about to be changed now. We have scoured the web to find the best resources and data around and we have decided upon these dates to maximize views on your property.

Online Lettings

Before the internet there was the not many options for a private landlord to advertise in order to get tenants, he had the not so effective newspaper, and the expensive and timely high street estate agent. Then along came the internet, with its infinite possibilities and ideas, one of them being online lettings.

Tenant Tips

Here at Tenant Find we understand that finding a house is hard and to have a bad landlord is even worse, so we have composed a handy list on tips on how to find a good landlord.

Property Repairs

Any landlord knows the pain of paying for repairs on damaged properties, sometimes you can feel like these costs could have been avoided with some care and thoughtfulness. So we here at Tenant Find have come up with some precautions and solutions you can take to cut down on costs and time spent repairing your properties.

Tenant Landlord Relationship

Being a great tenant has many benefits, for one having a great relationship with the landlord is a great situation to be in, as they will tend to trust you as a tenant and offer you certain bonuses as their tenant. This could mean a discount on rent, or extra incentives like an extra parking space, or garden care.



"I took out the basic service to advertise my flat on the key site. The Tenant Find website is very user friendly and simple to use. I received plenty of enquiries and regular phone calls from Tenant Find themselves to assist and make suggestions. All this for about a third of what my local estate agent wanted to charge. Thanks to the team for all their help.

Peter Richardson
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